3rd Hour with Craig Melvin

Craig Melvin tours a treasure in Rockefeller Plaza’s own backyard: the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York City’s first Catholic church. He learns about the church’s hidden history, including what lies right below the busy streets of Manhattan.

Fox 5 News with Crystal Young

Most people spend their time in New York City looking up, from skyscrapers to rooftop bars and more. But except for the subway, most people don’t think about the city that exists underneath their feet.  Explore the catacombs beneath with Crystal Young.

Fox 5 News with Antwon Lewis

The organ is the pulse of a church. And the organ at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan has been its pulse since 1868. “There’s a tremendous amount of music that’s been produced by this object,” music director Jared Lamenzo said. “It’s seen thousands of funerals, weddings, masses. Hundreds of thousands of people have heard it through the years.” Watch this clip hosted by Antwon Lewis

Spectrum News 1 with Roger Clark

A trio of lambs from a Hudson Valley farm are visiting St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral for a munch worthy stay.  They’re helping tidy up the 19th century church in Lower Manhattan over the next two months by grazing on the weeds that grow all over the surrounding cemetery and yards.  Watch with Roger Clark

CBS New York with Elle McLogan

Business Insider by Hannah Schaffer

A rare piece of real estate hidden in plain sight underneath a New York City church was put on the market for $7 million