Unveil the mysteries of one of the most alluring cultural enclaves in New York City

Knit Fabric

A Tight Knit Community

Immerse yourself in this 90 minute walking tour that will pull the curtain back and give you a glimpse into the magic that makes this neighborhood so unique.  In partnership with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and the Chinatown Little Italy Historic District Association,  We now has exclusive access to places in this community that are normally off-limits to the public.  We tour the southern portion of the Historic District from Canal Street to Kimlau Square; the infamous Doyers Street ‘aka’ the bloody angle, Confucius Plaza, a Taoist Temple and we’ll see the largest Buddhist statue in NYC.  The grand finale in a peek inside the CCBA (Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association)


A Living Tapestry of Culture

Within the borders of this Historic District is a living breathing tapestry of Chinese American Culture.  In addition, there are also enclaves of Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese.    As you wind your way through Chinatown you will find it to be an epicenter of fashion, food, technology and culture.  A well greased machine, you’ll be sure to encounter members of the Chinatown Business Improvement District keeping the streets cleaned.  The parks within the district are always filled with neighborhood residence engaging in social activities like group dancing and tai chi, or playing cards and majhong.  You will always find a very strong sense of community here.


We bring the History Alive

Today’s Manhattan Chinatown in lower Manhattan is a thriving community of Chinese American immigrants that first started taking root here in the late 1860’s.  Restricted in size as a result of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, this community did not see substantial growth until after 1965 when the Immigration and Nationality Act was finally passed.  Today, the Manhattan Chinatown in Lower Manhattan is 1 of over 9 different Chinese American Communities throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City.  Combined they represent the largest representation of Chinese outside of China.  And it all began right here on Mott Street in what was once known as Little Hong Kong.

In partnership with the Chinatown Little Italy Historic District and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council


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Please check-in for the Chinatown Official Historic District Tour at the red pin on the map above. We are located at Chinatown Little Italy Information Kiosk in-between Canal, Baxter and Walker streets. See the photo of the Kiosk where we will be.



Chinatown Little Italy Information Kiosk

Corner of Baxter, Canal & Hester Streets